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[Luyện Tập] Viết đoạn văn về lợi ích của việc học tiếng anh


Viết đoạn văn bằng tiếng anh về lợi ích của việc học tiếng anh là chủ đề khá thú vị. Chủ đề này giúp người học tha hồ sáng tạo ra nhiều ý tưởng. Đồng thời, bạn cũng có thể tạo nên sự khác biệt hơn so với những bài viết khác. Tuy nhiên, để làm tốt chủ đề này, bạn cũng cần vốn từ vựng, mẫu câu nhất định. Hãy cùng Kyna For Kids khám phá nhé.

website hoc tieng anh online tot nhat

#1 Viết đoạn văn về lợi ích học tiếng anh

I have been studying English for over 5 years, and I found out that it had brought me a lot of benefits. My mother told me English is an international language, so everyone should learn English in order to have an advantage to access to the world. For me it is not just simply a tool for communication, but it is also opens new doors to the vast ocean. It helps me get close to many sources of information through the books and material that I have read while learning.

Most of the books for learning English are about science, nature, news from around the world or much more interesting content so they can attract readers. Therefore, I can gain a lot of useful knowledge as well as having fun time reading them besides the skills in English. I also make a lot of new friends from many countries. And they let me know about many different cultures, the diversity of custom and tradition. I speak to people from Europe, America and Africa. Each of my friends has a lot of interesting things for me to explore. And we are all connected with each other by English.

I have a dream that one day I can travel to many parts of the world. And there is no tool which is simple to get and useful to help me achieve that dream like English.

I am totally confident that I can access to international friends as long as they also speak English, and the world is waiting for me to explore. English brings me a lot more benefits that I cannot name, and I am sure that I will regret if I do not study it properly.

Đoạn văn #2

There are many subjects that I have to learn at school, but my favorite one is English. It is the one that brings me the most practical usages as well as benefits, and I think my life will be better if I master this language. I used to be a very shy girl who did not like to talk to anyone, but I gradually changed myself as I learnt English. After a lot of speaking classes with foreign and Vietnamese teachers, I could finally gain confidence to communicate more. I feel that my tiny world has been opened since I had more friends thanks to my English classes. Besides, I am able find more sources to learn and research for my other subjects as well as general knowledge.

Most of the accurate information is in English, and the translation can sometimes have wrong meanings. Some of my friends and teachers are surprised about my transformation. But it is hard for them to believe that English is the cause. It is interesting that I can both study and play at the same time. Because I can learn new vocabulary while listening to music or watching movies.

There is no subject that like English, I have to put a lot of effort and focus in other ones. English for me is very different since I can find joy and comfort while studying it. My life had a big change when I decided to learn English. I hope I will continue to find more benefits from it.

cách sử dụng mạo từ trong tiếng anh

Đoạn văn #3: Học tiếng anh tốt như thế nào?

I have been studying English since I was in secondary, and I realized that I had gain a lot of benefits from learning that language.

  • First, English makes me become much more confident in communicating and expressing my opinion. Through practicing in speaking class, I can develop both my communicating and pronouncing skills.
  • Second, English is a good supporting subject for my writing skill. By following the available grammars, I can gradually know how to make more convincing arguments as well as give demonstrating examples.
  • Third, listening skill helps me to have more focus to the details in every conversation. In that way, I can collect more valuable information in just a short time. Besides, I can also develop me note-taking skills since it is necessary to have a good note while I am listening to lectures. Last, what I had learnt in reading skill can be applied perfectly in reading any kind of material.

By scanning and skimming, I can understand thoroughly the main ideas of each page. In sum up, all of the four skills of English can particularly help me in a lot of aspects.

hoc tieng anh qua tranh ve

Đoạn văn #4

English has been an international language for a long time. I am also one of the million people who try to master it. It is cannot be denied that English is a very useful tool for communication. However, I think I get more benefits than that.

  • First, English helps me to be more confident. Therefore, I have to talk a lot if I want to be good at speaking skill. By learning English, it is not just my confidence is improved. But I can also develop my presenting as well as communicating skills.
  • Second, English offers me a bright way to access to the world. My mind has been opened widely since I learned it. I read more books, watch more TV programs and know more news, and all of them are in English.
  • Third, my mentality has been brought to another level thanks to English. I am now able to think of many different aspects of one thing. I see the world and everybody around me from different points of view. It helps me to become a more profound person. I am still a student at the moment, but I have already thought of my future career.

In my opinion, English is not just simply a language. But it also helps change a person in a more positive way. There are so many benefits that English can bring me, and I will always value them.

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