Viết đoạn văn về gia đình bằng tiếng Anh dần trở thành một chủ đề quen thuộc trong bài thi ngoại ngữ. Vì đây được xem là đối tượng luyện kỹ năng viết rất thân thuộc với bất kỳ người học nào. viết đoạn văn về gia đình bằng tiếng anh là chủ đề tương đối dễ dàng và mang lại cho chúng ta rất nhiều cảm xúc. Tuy vậy, nếu không nắm rõ từ vựng và cấu trúc câu, người học sẽ rất khó có thể viết được hoàn chỉnh. Và những đoạn văn gợi ý dưới đây của Kyna For Kids sẽ giúp ích rất nhiều cho bạn. Hãy cùng tìm hiểu nhé!

#1 Viết đoạn văn về gia đình bằng tiếng anh

Hello, everyone! I’m glad to introduce my family. There are four people, including Mom, Dad, one brother and me. My mother’s name is Mai, and she is 50 years old. She is a beautiful woman with long black hair. My father’s name is Truong, and he is 55 years old. And my brother is Duy. He is 17 years old, and now he is a student of Minh Khai High School. I always love my family, even in my dream.

Đoạn văn #2

There are four people in my family: my parents, my younger sister and I. My father is a 45-year-old engineer. He spends most of his time in the building sites. That’s why he has a tanned skin. Talk about my mother, she is a 40-year-old primary school teacher. In every morning, she is the one who wakes up earliest to prepare the breakfast, clothes and necessary things for my father, me and my sister. 

I have a younger sister who will be 8 years old in the next October. My sister is pretty, docile and hard study. On every weekend, I take her to the park to have fun and we will buy some tasty ice creams. We quite close and sometimes she makes me very angry because of her negligent habit.

The last person in my family is me. I am studying in the second year of Business Administration major at Hong Bang University. My schedule is changed frequently and I am also trying to get a scholarship to study abroad in Canada next year so I don’t spend much time to my family. In my family, each person has a different responsibility but we always stand together to enjoy happiness moments, overcome the difficult time and solve the problems. But I also love my parents and my lovely sister so much.

Đoạn văn miêu tả gia đình #3

I’m the only child in my family, so I have all the love from my parents. My father works at a paper factory, he has been working there since he was young. Every morning, he takes me to school and we usually have breakfast together at our favorite restaurant near our house.

My mother is a nurse, she works at our local medical center. Mom is the one who picks me up after school since my father usually works late. When my mother has to stay at the workplace for a night shift, my father leaves earlier to make sure I am picked up on time and have my proper dinner. I love my small family very much.

#4 Đoạn văn tiếng anh về gia đình

As a traditional family in Vietnam, I have a big one. My family has 5 members, including Mom, Dad, Grandma, sister, and me. My mom’s name is Giang. She has long hair and black eyes. She is a teacher. My Dad’s name is Trung. He is tall and very strong. His job is doctor. For me, my mom is the most beautiful woman, and my dad is the most wonderful man.

And my grandma’s name is Tam. She is 95 years old, and next 5 years, we will organize the 100th longevity wishing ceremony, and I look forward to taking part in this ceremony. Besides, another woman who I love so much is my sister. Her name is Linh. She is 26 years old, and she is a beautiful woman like Mom. Now, she is living in Ha Noi capital, because of her jobs. I really love my family, and I hope that we are always together anyway.

Đoạn văn #5

People say: Family where life begins and love never ends. There is only love from bottom of the heart that could realize the meaning of that saying. My family is made up of 3 people: my mother, my younger brother and I. 

My mother’s main job is a pilot at Vietnam Airlines. Her flights could be last for a few days or even a week. Sometimes we only meet her at the weekend. But my mother did hire an old house maid who is very careful and nice to take care of me and my brother while she is busy at work. 

About my younger brother, he is the most mischievous person that I have ever known. Last semester, my brother’s teacher came to see my mother three times a week to complain about the things that he had done. However, he is very good at swimming. In addition, he is one of ten excellent students in school. That’s why my mother always tolerant of his bad behaviors.

 Now, I am no longer stay at home, I moved to Ho Chi Minh 2 months ago to study at university. I miss my mother, my brother and even my house maid so much. No matter how far I am away from home, my family is always in my heart because “family where life begins and love never ends”.

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