Bố là chủ đề tạo đến nhiều cảm xúc đối với học sinh. Tuy nhiên, để có thể mang đến bài viết đạt điểm cao, các em không chỉ có ý tưởng. Thêm vào đó, các em cũng cần biết cách vận dụng cấu trúc câu, từ vựng đúng cách. Điều này sẽ hỗ trợ và giúp tăng điểm bài viết dễ dàng. Những bài viết đoạn văn bằng tiếng anh về bố gợi ý dưới đây sẽ giúp cho các em rất nhiều, hãy khám phá ngay nhé:

#1 Viết đoạn văn bằng tiếng Anh về bố

My father is like a friend to me. He loves me at all times. He teaches me all the values and morals I must live by. And he himself lives by all the values. He believes in practicing what he preaches. So I find my father very honest. And he never finds it difficult to be that way.

My father is kind and generous. If anyone approaches him with a genuine need he helps them to whatever extent he can. And he never grudges any help he offers. My father is time conscious and punctual. He is strict with me because he wants me to be disciplined. Being disciplined is tough, but I know it is for my good. And so I always try my best to follow what my father tells me to do. Whenever I am in a difficulty my father helps me out with love and affection.

#2 Đoạn văn miêu tả về bố bằng tiếng anh

My father is a talented engineer. This year, he is 42 years old. His building looks very healthy with a slightly tan skin. He has an angular face and curly black hair trimmed neatly. People often praise him as a kind, generous and estimable man. When neighbors have trouble, he is not afraid but is willing to help.

 At work, he is quite hard working and strict so he should be loved and trusted by all colleagues. Most of the time my father works away from home, but he always tries to arrange time for our family. At home, Dad often helps mommy with housework, cleaning, watering plants, … and taking care of our study.

My father and I have the same hobby as swimming, so we always go to the swimming pool near the house to make out who swims better. Besides swimming, he is also gifted in some other sports such as football, badminton, table tennis, basketball, etc. 

In my eyes, he is also a wonderful friend and teacher. I share with him a lot of happiness and sorrow, even the secret. He always listens, feels sympathetic, and gives me useful advice. Thanks to him, I also learn a lot of good skills such as repairing electrical appliances, driving a motorbike, fishing … I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful father, I will try to study well to make my father always pleasant.

Đoạn văn #3

My father is my role model and I try hard to be like him. My father is punctual. He does not like to be late for any appointment or for the completion of any task. He is strict with me because he wants me also to be on time and not to be late in completing my work. I too have learnt to be punctual, and I am appreciated for this by my teachers and my friends.

My father is particular about being neat and clean. He also does his work systematically and is fastidious. He keeps his books and papers in a neat and organized way. He insists I should keep my books and note books neat and tidy. He does not like me to dog ear the pages in a book. He also does not let me scribble in my text books. My books are therefore always like new.

My father is my best friend. He is a happy person and always tries to make those around him happy. I am happy when I am with him. He also has many friends because they like to enjoy his company. My father loves me. When I have any difficulty I turn to him and he is always willing to give me a helping hand. He always has a knack to solve my problems. I love my father and admire him for his many good qualities. I am grateful to my father and hope to make him proud of me.

#4 Luyện tập viết đoạn văn tiếng anh về bố 

My father is very special to me. He is the one person who loves me at all times. Even when he scolds me I know it is in my best interest that he does that. So I do not grudge his scolding. I always sincerely try to follow what my father tells me to do. When I obey my father I am happy and meet with a great deal of success.

My father wants me to develop good qualities and high morals. He is particular on my being honest. He always insists that I should be courteous and humble. My father says: “Pride goes before a fall.” And he cautions me against having pride.

I cannot repay all that my father does for me. But I can make my father happy by following what he tells me to do and becoming the person he wants me to become. This will mean so much to me.

Đoạn văn #5

My father is an engineer, and he works very hard. He is about 1.7 meters with short black hair and long face. He has to work both indoor and outdoor, so he has dark skin with some freckles on his face. He is a very skillful worker since he has been an engineer for nearly 20 years, and I am so proud of him. 

My father is a reliable, friendly and humorous man. He has a very serious look on his face when he is working, but normally he is a gentle and nice person who always talks and acts in the softest way. His hobbies are playing chess with some of the neighbors and reading technical books. When he has free time, he usually takes me to the library to read books with him, and that is also a time when I can talk to him about many different things. He has little time to spend for family because he has a lot of work to do. However, I understand that he does everything for our family, and I love him a lot.

 Mời bố mẹ xem thêm nhé:

Bài viết đoạn văn bằng tiếng anh về bố không chỉ cần có ý tưởng hay. Thêm vào đó các em học sinh cũng cần biết cách vận dụng câu và ngữ pháp đúng cách. Đặc biệt khi sử dụng những cấu trúc đặc biệt lại dễ dàng ghi điểm với người chấm. Do vậy, đừng quên ghi chú lại các mẫu câu, ngữ pháp hay ở các bài ví dụ trên nhé. Điều đó sẽ rất có ích cho các em đấy.

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