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Tiếng anh lớp 4 Unit 18: What’s your phone number? (SGK)


Tìm hiểu tiếng anh lớp 4 Uni 18: What’s your phone number?

Bài tập 1: Choose the odd one out

1. A. Monday B. Sunday C. Friday D. today
2. A. headache B. toothache C. matter D. fever
3. A. hot B. weather C. cold D. warm
4. A. When B. How C. What D. The
5. A. Subject B. English C. Science D. Music
6. A. American B. England C. Vietnam D. Singapore
7. A. blue B. green C. white D. bear
8. A. elephant B. zoo C. tiger D. monkey
9. A. shorts B. T-shirt C. circus D. jean
10. A. engineer B. cinema C. school D. bookshop
11. A. These B. Apple C. Milk D. Banana
12. A. Pen B. Ruler C. Doll D. Notebook
13. A. Play B. Classroom C. Swim D. Dance
14. A. From B. In C. On D. They
15. A. Sorry B.Where C. Who D. What

Bài tập 2:  Choose one correct answer:

  1. Choose the odd one out:
  2. May B. July C. April                      D. Jimmy
  3. I’d like ……….. apple, please.
  4. a B. four C. an                                       D. and
  5. What does he do …….. Maths lessons?
  6. from B. and C. during                                D. end
  7. His book are …… the table
  8. at B. in C. down                                 D. on
  9. How …….. books on the table? – There are 3 books.
  10. much B. very C. many                     D. on
  11. Where is she to today?
  12. She’s at school B. She’s from Australia C. She’s nine years old D. She’s Mary
  13. Choose the odd one out:
  14. song B. sing C. animal                               D. tree
  15. ……… pens are there in your bag? – There are 2 pens.
  16. How old B. When C. How                                   D. How many
  17. They live ……. England
  18. on B. in C. under                                 D. for
  19. What’s …… name? – He’s Tommy
  20. her B. his C. she                                     D. he
  21. This banana is ….. you, Jim.
  22. on B. for C. in                                        D. under
  23. Thank you very much. – You’re …….
  24. well B. stay C. welcome                           D. come
  25. Choose the odd one out:
  26. father B. mother C. teacher                              D. sister
  27. I would like an apple. – Here you …..
  28. is B. are C. a                             D. an
  29. Peter can …… a bike
  30. ride B. play C. stay                        D. drink
  31. …………. you like a candy? – No, thanks.
  32. Who B. When C. Would                   D. How
  33. I have ……. robot.
  34. a B. an C. two                                     D. and
  35. I learn …… to read and write during English lesson.
  36. but B. to C. on                                       D. and
  37. Are these your books? – No, …..
  38. this isn’t B. they aren’t C. there aren’t                        D. they are
  39. Would you like to go out with me?
  40. No, I would B. Yes, I would          C. Sorry, I can’t         D. No, please

Bài tập 3: Complete the sentence

  1. Can I have a look …… that T-shirt?
  2. ……orange T-shirtis thirty thousand dong.
  3. The green skirt…… seventy thousand dong.
  4. These yellow trousers are …… nice.
  5. Let’s ask the sale assistant …… price
  6. How much …..these trousers?
  7. The pair ….. yellow trousersis ninety-five thousand dong.
  8. The pair of black….. white shoes is eighty thousand dong.
  9. It’s a birthday present …… my father.
  10. What’s your phone number? … 0987 487 823
  11. May I speak ….. Mai, please?
  12. Would you like to go …..a picnic?
  13. I have …..ask my parents.

Mục Lục : Bài tập tiếng anh lớp 4